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Changemaker Community

You are the change: Ready to take your growth to the next level?

What comes with the Changemaker Community?

  • Interactive Workshops: learn science-backed practices to help you hit your goals, improve relationships, and find purpose.
  • Powerful Discussions: participate in the Changemaker Community Meetings and Facebook group.
  • Accountability: work with others who will help you achieve your goals.
  • Workbooks and other Premium Content: use science to identify your interests, create goals, find purpose, and connect better with others.
  • Fun and Connection: Join game sessions, virtual happy hours, and other connecting opportunities. 

Psychology of Flourishing

Move Beyond Mainstream Motivational Advice By Discovering The Most Powerful Evidence-Based Practices That Upgrade Your Mindset To Achieve Your Best Life

  • Learn what keeps you from living your best life.
  • Understand how to enhance your belief patterns to improve how you perform.
  • Learn how to “win the argument” against your doubts and develop unshakeable confidence.
  • Increase your happiness using the power of science.
  • Learn the strategies to unlock joy and love in your life.
  • Find what is uniquely strong about you and how to harness your strengths.

The Boldness Blueprint Mini-Course

Build Your Boldness With Science

  • Learn why people have fear and how fear can show up in our lives
  • Understand how fear can hold you back
  • Practice science-backed ways to build a boldness mindset and flex your “courage muscles” through practice
  • Determine when it might be time to heed your fear and when it might be time to move forward

CARPE You: Your Next Best Act For Women in Midlife

Seize this time in your life!

  • Learn why and how this can be a great chapter in your life
  • Proactively start building your next act
  • Connect with like-minded women in interactive sessions
  • Build your energy and zest
  • Learn science-backed practices to achieve your goals 

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