Danny Southwick

Collaborator in Chief

This is My Story

Danny Southwick is an Internet entrepreneur and a founder of PositiveVoices.com. His interest in Positive Psychology primarily grew out of his passion for peak performance. Danny has spent his entire adult life participating in collegiate and professional athletics. His winding journey led him to different levels of college football,to a stint with the Oakland Raiders in the NFL, and finally to the Arena Football League.

The ups and downs in Danny’s career—particularly the downs—led Danny on a path to look for answers to get the very best out of himself on a consistent basis. Many of the major breakthroughs in his career and in his life came as a direct result of reading hundreds of books about personal development. The more Danny learned, the more selective he became about what strategies he would apply in his own life. He found himself increasingly interested in personal growth strategies that were backed by science—not just someone’s opinion.

Danny’s interest in the science of personal growth became a full-blown obsession when he was admitted into University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology program. There, Danny was able to learn from the world’s foremost authorities in the science of performance, achievement, relationships, happiness, and other fascinating topics. He was also able to learn alongside colleagues who were the very best in the world at applying the science of positive psychology in their own fields.

Danny’s experience at the University of Pennsylvania was transformative for him—so much so that he decided that he would spend the rest of his life sharing cutting-edge research to other people who seek to live an extraordinary life. PositiveVoices.com is Danny’s vehicle for reaching as many people as he can. His goal is to help others enjoy the same type of growth and fulfillment that he has experienced as he has applied the principles and strategies he has learned in the field of positive psychology.

Danny has been married for 10 years to the love of his life, Tilly Southwick. They have one son—an extremely cute and happy toddler named Liam. They don’t have any dogs. Danny is allergic to dogs.

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